1987 Jeep Lineup: Best Ever?

1987 Jeep Comanche

Remember when Jeep was awesome?

Back in the day, which is when everything cool and amazing happened, Jeep was the king of everything off-road. Even better, Jeep was affordable. If you were in the mood for a sturdy SUV that could go anywhere, Jeep was the only place you had to look.

But then things started to change. Maybe it was because the people at Jeep got lazy or greedy or maybe a combo of both, but Jeep split in two directions: inexpensive low-quality and really expensive luxury.

Can Jeep recover from that, or will another automaker step in to fill its shoes?

In the same day that Jeep was cool, most other automakers were anything but. Back in, say, 1987, Jeep had the Wrangler, the Comanche pickup, the Grand Wagoneer and the original Cherokee. Has there ever been a better lineup in the history of automaking?

No. No, there hasn’t.

Jump ahead a couple of decades, and the only remaining cool Jeep is the Wrangler. There’s no more pickup and no more Grand Wagoneer. In their place were the sub-par Liberty, the joke of a Jeep Patriot, the heavy and bloated Commander and the expensive Grand Cherokee.

When Chrysler, Jeep’s parent, was taken over by FIAT, the new management knew something had to change. Today, there’s no more Liberty or Commander, the Cherokee is back, the Wrangler is still here, a new subcompact Renegade is coming, and there are rumors of the Grand Wagoneer coming back to life.

There’s really no other automaker that can compete with a rocking Jeep lineup. While the good ol’ days of 1987 are long behind us, we can look forward to the newest stable of Jeeps that could make us forget the late ’80s ever happened.

At the very least, we’ll always have the used listings to keep history alive.

Was the 1987 Jeep lineup the best ever?


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