Futuristic Cars You Can Buy Today

Nope, not going to happen

Forget flying cars and hoverboards. The future of personal travel won’t look anything like it did in movies like Total Recall, Tron or Back to the Future. 

The way I see it, there are two options for how the future will turn out. It’ll either be a peaceful world full of light and love, or it’ll be a wasteland of post-apocalypse Americana. I’m hoping for the first option, but already there are cars available that will serve us well in both situations.

Keep reading for the cars of the future that you can buy today!

Local Motors Rally Fighter


If the future leaves the United States as a steaming pile of desert wasteland, the Rally Fighter is the car to own. Built for the deserts of the Southwest, it uses the 6.2-liter V8 engine from a Corvette, makes 430 hp and has the rear end of a Ford truck. Good luck stopping it.

Conquest Knight XV


In the unlikely event that the future holds a zombie apocalypse, get a hold of the Knight XV. If a dystopian future had one image to describe it, it would be this car. Gassing up might be an issue, so let’s hope whatever future happens includes working fuel pumps.

Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon LAPV 6.X


Seriously. This car exists, at least as a concept. Maybe automakers know something about the future we don’t, because the only reason to have an LAPV is if you had to travel through a roadless America and fight off undesirables. Living or dead.

Commuter Cars Tango


Don’t laugh. This is the car for our future of peace and happiness. The Tango is safe, uses only electricity and reduces traffic congestion. Can you feel the love?

Terrafugia Transition


I said to forget about flying cars, but the Transition is a car that flies and drives. Imagine a blissful future when you drive out of your neighborhood, take off and fly to the lake, then land and drive up to your cabin.

Which car would you choose for your future self?


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