Subaru BRZ Won’t Become a Classic… Yet

2013 Subaru BRZ

Sometimes the best things in life don’t last long.

Puppies turn into dogs, fireworks last only about 20 minutes, and our favorite cars typically last only a generation or two.

When a new car comes out and people freak about how great it is, there’s always a chance the automaker will pull the plug and end the love affair early. That was the fear with the Subaru BRZ, which some people thought might exist only to satiate a niche and then disappear forever.

Some accounts claimed the BRZ was to vanish as slow sales and Toyota’s recent partnership with BMW dimmed the light on the BRZ’s future. Toyota, if you remember, was a vital partner in the development of the BRZ, and produces the very similar Scion FR-S. If it bailed, Subaru would be left alone and could be unable to continue with the sports car.

Could it be that the highly praised BRZ could fade into the used market as fast as it arrived on the new one? Probably not.

Automotive News spoke with Subaru President Yasuyuki Yoshinaga, who said that a second-generation BRZ is in fact planned. Despite Toyota’s recent agreement with BMW, Subaru and Toyota will continue to work together on the next-generation model since Subaru isn’t able to produce the car on its own.

Rumors of a one-generation BRZ have flooded the Internet, but Yoshinaga told Automotive News he’d “pass out” if it were just a one-time thing. That’s good news on a lot of levels. New versions will still be available, which will keep the value of used ones in check.

Otherwise, the BRZ’s few years of existence and fairly low production numbers would have surely led to it achieving classic status. By staying in production, Subaru is almost guaranteeing the BRZ will be as common on the used market as a run-of-the-mill Mustang.

Are you happy to hear that the Subaru BRZ will remain in production?


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