$30,000: Honda or Audi?

2015 Audi A3

Remember the parties Audi decided to throw for the 20-something crowd in an attempt to market the new A3?

To refresh your memory, the shindigs were by invitation and thrown by Audi dealers for hip young folks, the A3’s target buyer.

At the time, we said,

Not much more is known just yet, but the idea is to corral well-off potential buyers, woo them with food, drink and music, then hope the experience translates to new-car purchases.

It’ll probably work, since everyone loves a good party.

Well, it worked.

The 2015 Audi A3 is doing quite well in the United States since its arrival back in April of this year. Those hipster parties during the sedan’s U.S. unveiling could have attracted the younger clientele the automaker wanted.

The proof? Audi of America sold 2,452 A3 sedans in June alone, with just over 25 percent of consumers under the age of 30. That particular group of young Audi drivers are new to the automaker, and more importantly, are brand conquests over Honda and Toyota.

For around 30 grand, it makes sense that young people would opt for the Audi over the traditional choices. Seriously, if an Audi and a Honda are the same price, what cool young dude or dudette would opt for the Honda?

As for buying an A3, get in line. Audi is still in the process of stocking its dealer network with the car, and some trims have a wait of up to 30 days.

For now, used versions of the 2015 model will be all but impossible to obtain, and new ones will command MSRP or more. If prices rise too much, your money might be better spent on a larger Honda.

Audi has the panache, the looks and those menacing LED lights framing the headlights. Compared with the Accord, Audi takes the cool factor by a million points. However, the A3 is small in comparison, and if prices creep too far over the $30K mark, the Honda is probably the better buy.

For $30,000, would you get an Audi or a Honda?


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