The Greatest New Used Car Ever?

1985 Honda Civic 500000th

I’d be shocked if this car remains available.

Yesterday I caught wind of a brand new Honda Civic, which in itself isn’t that big of a deal. However, this one’s special because it’s a 1985. Also, the seller claims that it’s the 500,000th Civic to roll off the assembly line. And it has 0 miles on the odometer.

Could this be too good to be true?

Listed for sale on a Canadian website, the ad says:

1985 Honda Civic 2 door Coupe BRAND NEW!!! 0kms! NEVER OWNED! This is THE 500,000th car Honda made so Honda parked it in their showroom for the last 29 years as a show piece!!!

LITERALLY A BRAND NEW HONDA CIVIC Benchmark car, with the vin registered in honda’s database. This is a collectors DREAM!

******Next year is its 30th anniversary, get this baby before it goes up!!!

You have to see it to believe it, 0kms BRAND NEW

A new civic for only 7900. WANT A RELIABLE CAR? this is THE most reliable car for the money.

Is it real?

The fact that the car is listed for just $7,900 Canadian, or about $7,200 U.S. dollars, makes me wonder if this is a legit sale or if the owner is unaware of its potential value. Maybe it’s tied to some kind of promotion, because that price is right in line with the car’s original MSRP.

I’m sure a true Honda fanatic would spend far more for a significant, un-driven Civic like this. It would be interesting to put the car up for auction and see just how far beyond $7,200 the bidding goes.

Personally, I know quite a few guys who go crazy for vintage, low-mileage cars from the Eighties. A vehicle like this is the Holy Grail for those guys.

How much would you pay for a brand new, zero-mileage 1985 Honda Civic?


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