Driving a Large Truck? Read This First

2003 Freightliner Fl70 24_ft_box_truck_4_lgw

I began life as a delivery boy.

Well, after actually being delivered at the hospital, I basically went right to work as a delivery boy for my dad’s business.

I didn’t deliver pizzas like most young people; I delivered mattresses, because my dad owned a mattress company.

My point in mentioning this is that I became more familiar with driving a 24-foot box truck than I did with the ’84 Accord I used to get to and from work.

I quickly learned that right turns need to be as wide as possible and low-hanging branches can punch right through the box.

These are things that people who have never driven a large truck might not think about, yet every day moving companies happily hand out keys to people who have never driven anything bigger than a Miata.

This topic came to mind because of a Facebook meme that made me laugh, but makes a very good point.


That said, here are tips for driving a large truck:

  1. Begin braking sooner, particularly when you have a load.
  2. Make wider right turns. Begin your turn when a little more than half of your truck has passed the radius point of your turn.
  3. You accelerate about as fast as a cabbage, so plan ahead.
  4. Know the height of your truck, and keep your eyes up!
  5. Your truck box is probably wider than the cab, so drive in the center of the lane.
  6. Make sure you adjust all your mirrors before you begin driving.
  7. Take your time when backing up. If possible, have someone stand and guide you. There’s no rear-view mirror, so go slow and watch your side mirrors.

Have you ever driven a large moving truck?


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