Saving Fuel: New Car or Just Drive Slower?

Canadian gas prices

Don’t be deceived by the gas signs when traveling abroad.

Gas prices here in the States are about as high as they’ve ever been, hovering just below $4 per gallon in my area. The premium stuff is $3.89 at my corner station.

That makes filling up my SUV a major account drain. In fact, there should probably be men in suits and dark glasses verifying account balances before drivers are allowed to enter a gas station’s general proximity.

Having a rig that gets 20 miles per gallon, tops, is expensive. Unfortunately, it’s also necessary when you have a family of 6 and enjoy adventurous car camping trips in another country.

A Toyota Prius just isn’t going to cut it.

After getting back into the U.S., that $4 per gallon didn’t seem so high, and I kind of rejoiced in filling up my tank here. In Canada, I paid about $1.33 per liter for fuel, which works out to about $5.06 per gallon. Even filling up my tank halfway nearly exceeded my humble credit limit.

If there’s good news about gas in Canada, it’s that the speed limits there are generally 60 mph or lower, which is an efficient cruising speed and gets the most mileage out of each drop of fuel.

Any list of the most fuel-efficient SUVs includes vehicles that seat only 5 people and/or are rear-wheel drive. No all-wheel-drive or 4-wheel-drive truck that can seat 7 people and haul their stuff will ever make such a list. The best way to go for people needing such capability but also requiring money in the bank is a used SUV that you can acquire with cash.

Rather than paying monthly for a new rig and then paying for gas on top of it, opt for a one-time lump sum to buy an older SUV, then use the money that would have gone to the payment for your gas bill.

And if you can, never drive it faster than 60 miles per hour.

How do you save gas when driving an SUV?


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