Who Negotiates the Best Deals on Cars?


Two headlines grabbed my attention this weekend, both of which pertain to the purchasing of cars.

Yes, I know there are plenty of more exciting headlines, such as the production of the 2015 Mustang and spy shots of soon-to-be-revealed new models, but none of that matters if no one is around to buy new and used versions of those cars.

At CarGurus, we want you to get the best deal possible on a car and feel good when we hear that people are negotiating solid buys.

Who are the people getting the best deals on cars these days? Here’s a hint: If you’re a guy, it’s probably not you.

According to a recent survey, women are more excited about negotiating and getting the best deal on a car.

In fact, women are more likely than men to duke it out: 33.3% of women said “it makes it a fun process” compared with just 25.1% of men.

How about that, huh? A third of women find the negotiation process fun! That makes me happy and holds true based on the women in my life who have purchased cars. For instance, when my wife purchased her new Subaru Legacy, she handled all negotiations and proudly tells the story of how she shopped more than one dealer before getting the bottom-line price at each and then letting her favorite dealer have the opportunity to go even lower. She was smart and negotiated the price of the car, rather than focusing on her monthly payment.

To save even more money, buyers should shop for used cars. Another article this weekend was about the top 20 used cars, none of which came as a major surprise. All the usual suspects were there from Honda, Toyota, Ford and Chevrolet, along with some luxury cars such as the BMW 3 Series and Acura TL.

Based off all of this, getting the best deal on a car involves shopping used, using CarGurus to help find the best deals, and then, if you’re a woman, visiting dealers and letting your negotiation skills loose. If you’re a dude, shop for the car you want then send your wife, girlfriend, sister or mother to go close the deal.

Do you enjoy negotiating when buying a car?


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