Should Toyota Build This Juke Rival?

Toyota C-HR

Toyota shouldn’t bother with the frivolous or deal with matters too far outside of mainstream acceptance.

The Toyota brand is about status quo. It’s about creating the cars that respectable middle-class suburbanites drive to their corporate jobs and to weekend retreats at friends’ lake places.

Toyota doesn’t do wild and crazy, because the people who own them don’t do wild and crazy. Yes, sometimes Toyota steps out and tries something a little more exciting, but at least in the United States, those crazy moments are disguised by a Lexus or Scion badge.

If shoppers want something really crazy, they know they can look to Nissan. But what if Toyota doesn’t want people turning away from the brand when they want to stand out?

Enter the C-HR Concept.

The Nissan Juke is widely regarded as one of the most unattractive cars ever built. Yes, it looks like a frog, but for some reason there’s a crowd of crazy fun-loving adventurers who can’t buy enough of them.

Of course Toyota has taken notice, but hasn’t given those people an alternative other than the comparatively plain RAV4. That could change, as the new C-HR Concept, set to debut at the Paris Motor Show, could give Juke shoppers a reason to “hop” on over to Toyota.

In traditional Toyota fashion, the concept is being called a “design study” to show themes for the future direction of the company. As Top Gear said, though, it’s pretty obvious that the Juke provided plenty of inspiration.

There’s no indication that the C-HR will go into production, but there’s also not much saying that it couldn’t.

In fact, AutoExpress said,

As well as previewing a production car, the C-HR also displays a new diamond-style design language. It’s set to appear on future Toyota models, and on the C-HR a far more sculpted and angular theme is apparent – far removed from any current model in the Toyota range.

Isn’t that the truth.

If the C-HR makes it into production, would you rather get a used Juke or step up to the new look of Toyota?


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  1. I am in love with this car and wish to see it in SA in 2015. Would like to know in what colours it will come out, how many seats and more or less the selling prize.

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