2015 Ford F-150: Too Much Truck?

2015 F-150 CrewCab

I think I figured out why midsize trucks are suddenly back in vogue.

Remember when the Ford Ranger and Toyota Tacoma were small? Back in the 1980s and ’90s, those small trucks were significantly cheaper than their bigger brethren.

By the 2000s, though, the Ranger faded away, and the Tacoma grew to the size of an F-150, and was often more expensive.

Now, the big trucks have grown even bigger, with price tags that are sending folks back to the comfort of something smaller. Yes, we have entered the era of the $47,000 truck.

Car and Driver took a stab at building a new 2015 F-150 and ended at just over $47,000. The scary part is that price was for a midrange XLT double cab truck that didn’t even have leather seats. Lariat and King Ranch versions will go up from there.

It’s not only pricing of the Ford trucks that are getting out of control. Car and Driver said,

Ford’s F-150 pricing, as large and in charge as it may be, is hardly outside of the full-size-pickup norm. GM and Ram are both guilty of similar sins.

Even as automakers flirt with the $50,000 mark, buyers are still writing the checks for these trucks.

Automakers, though, are starting to notice that not all truck buyers want to haul a thousand rolls of hay and tow 12,000-pound horse trailers. Some guys and gals just want to tow a small boat or carry bicycles to the trail, but don’t want to buy a stripped-down full-size pickup to do it.

The option of paying less and still getting a capable truck packed with features is what’s bringing back the midsize trucks.

Which would you rather have for the same price: a nicely optioned midsize pickup or a stripped-down full-size truck?


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