Big Changes Coming at Cadillac


What’s the trendiest, most hip and creative center in all of America?

Some might say Cupertino. Some might argue that it’s Mountain View.

Seattle get could a few votes, and so could Boston.

Narrow the parameters to include cities that are best for automotive innovation, and Detroit and Los Angeles are obvious candidates.

But New York City? The nation’s busiest metro is great for advertising and fashion… but for cars?

Whether it makes sense to us or not, General Motors has chosen NYC as the new corporate headquarters for Cadillac. The first big change will be an entirely new naming scheme.

The common consensus seems to be that moving to New York isn’t the best idea for Cadillac.

Automotive News, for example, said:

They’re setting up an office in trendy SoHo. I’m not sure if it will be the headquarters or just a marketing office, but it seems to me they’re missing an opportunity. I know I’m biased, but I can’t think of many cooler places to have a marketing office than Detroit. They don’t have to be in the Renaissance Center. They could build a new space in Corktown or Eastern Market and take advantage of all the creativity that is exploding in the city right now.

Maybe with some creativity they could have come up with some better names. The days of the DeVille are long gone, and that type of name has been replaced by soon-to-be-extinct names such as ATS, CTS and XTS.

The marketing team at Caddy has decided those names don’t make sense and will use names that begin with XT for SUVs and crossovers and CT for sedans. The one name that won’t change is the now-legendary Escalade.

Forbes spoke with Cadillac Chief Marketing Officer Uwe Ellinghaus and said,

The Cadillac brain trust is seeking ways to firmly establish their brand on the same tier as the German premier brands even though Ellinghaus has been stressing the creation of an identity for Cadillac that relies on its unique American-ness rather than a me-too Germanic persona.

Owners of current-model Cadillacs will soon find themselves with obsolete models, but the good news for used shoppers is that those models will probably fall in price as the new Cadillac begins to emerge.

Does news of the coming name changes make you more or less likely to buy a Cadillac?


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  1. Cadillac succumbs to the lemming effect—–whatever the guy in front is doing, they have to do as well. Too bad, Cadillac used to stand for something much more individualistic

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