Latest GM Recalls Prove Importance of Quality

2015 GMC Canyon

The first headline on the Detroit News Autos Insider newsletter was, “GM Issues Three New Recalls Saturday.”

The headlines for those recall stories were:

  1. Latest GM Recalls Bring Total to nearly 30M Vehicles
  2. GM Halts Sales on Midsize Trucks Due to Airbag Problem
  3. GM Recalls 117,000 Vehicles for Stalling

None of that sounds particularly good at first glance, does it?

In fact, some people might take those three headlines, along the recent news of GM stopping sales of the new Corvette, as signs that General Motors is having some major quality problems.

Maybe, though, these recalls are signs that everything is OK with General Motors. Or at least, everything will be OK soon.

The Detroit News said,

The latest callbacks cover 524,000 vehicles worldwide, including one linked to three injuries. Detroit-based GM also said it was halting sales of its new midsize Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon trucks, after discovering an electrical flaw that could cause the air bags to misfire.

Friday’s actions, on top of Thursday’s recall of 117,000 vehicles due to a potential stalling problem, are the latest signs that the Detroit automaker still faces a number of quality and safety issues months after it began its record-setting callbacks.

The list goes on and on about problems recent GM vehicles have had, some of them quite serious.

Here’s the good thing, though: GM has issued these recalls.

In the past the company might have waited years before issuing the recalls and, as a result, put its customers at risk. The fact that the recalls are happening now proves that the management at GM is serious about quality and making sure the cars it builds are free from any defects.

The big question here is if all of these recalls and quality problems will slow sales of GM products. I don’t think that’ll happen. I think shoppers will trust that the company will stand behind its vehicles and that the new Corvette, Colorado, Canyon and all other models will sell in droves.

Do these latest recalls help you build trust in General Motors?


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