The EV That Won’t Look Like an EV


If you want your “green” car to stand out, it should resemble something green. That’s why designers of the Nissan Leaf, an all-electric vehicle, designed it to look like a lizard.

Well, that’s the only explanation I can come up with to justify the Leaf’s bulging eyeballs and arched back.

Don’t get me wrong here, I love the Leaf. My in-laws own one and have traversed over 30,000 gas-free miles in it, while getting stranded away from home only a handful of times.

The Leaf is the world’s top-selling electric car because it’s the EV most similar to its juice-drinking cousins.

That design, though, just has to go.

The purpose of the bulging headlights on the Leaf is to increase the aerodynamics of the car. They work for that purpose but contribute to a look that screams, “I drive an EV!”


For people who want an electric car, but don’t want the world to know they drive one, the options are limited. Actually, the options are currently zero. The next Leaf could be the one that finally appeals to the masses and launches its popularity into the stratosphere.

The picture on top of this post is the Nissan Sport Sedan concept, from which the next Leaf is said to take its inspiration. That, my friends, is what an electric car should look like. I do hope the Leaf remains a hatchback, though. There’s a lot to be said for a car that makes easy access to the storage area, especially for an aunt and uncle babysitting their nephew and using the Leaf as a changing table. Not that I would know.

Nissan design chief and senior vice president Shiro Nakamura spoke with Green Car Reports at the Paris Motor Show, who said that early adopters wanted a car that stood out. Now, though,

Nakamura said that to expand the Leaf’s appeal to more of a EV-adopting mainstream market, it requires designing a nice-looking car, then adding more ‘spice’ in the design for the people who want it—rather than starting with specific design traits that call it out as an EV.

Do you want your electric car to look different than other cars on the road?


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