No, Porsche Shouldn’t Build an Entry Level Car


Regarding the possibility of an entry level roadster, Porsche North America’s CEO Detlev von Platen recently said,

We’re not talking about entry models at Porsche. Our entry model is our pre-owned program.

Those words have dashed the dreams of many Porsche hopefuls who had hoped to get into a new Porsche for the price of a loaded Honda.

Sorry folks. If you want a new Porsche, you’re going to have to work a little harder; which is the way it should be.

Some people, though, disagree.

One blog post derides the fact that Porsche has killed the idea of an entry level car. The writer talks about previously owning older Porsches and was hoping to purchase Porsche’s new bottom-feeder when it was released.

He does do a nice job making his case for why Porsche shouldn’t turn its back on the enthusiasts who want a new Porsche but can’t afford one. However, all those arguments go out the window with this quote:

I’ve grown up around Porsches; I have enjoyed my 944, the 914 we had in the family when I was old enough to drive, and I want to buy another Porsche sometime soon. I have a couple things in the way right now: a new baby girl, and a day job that doesn’t make six figures (yet!), so I’m not really able to sign off on that 981 Cayman S this week.

There are some who would argue that Porsche’s previous forays into the entry level market didn’t end well. The 914 used a Volkswagen engine and probably should have worn a VW badge. Do we really want to go there again? No, thank you.

Porsche is an aspirational brand. As much flack as it’s received in recent years for building the 4-door Panamera, the Cayenne SUV and, more recently, the smaller Macan crossover, the brand has stayed firm on keeping its sports cars hard-to-get. A new 911 will cost somewhere north of $85K while the smaller Boxster will set you back at least $60,000.

Porsche doesn’t need to cater to the people who want a new Porsche for the price of a Mazda. Mr. von Platen is correct; if you want a less expensive Porsche, look for a used one. When the time comes that you can afford something new, your dealer will happily take your used car in on a trade.

Do you think Porsche should build an entry level sports car?


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