Cars That Should Have a Diesel Option


Diesel-powered cars should be the wave of the future.

Electric vehicles have the distinction of being able to run on zero fossil fuel, but the production of electricity itself requires all kinds of dirty energy. Yes, it’s pretty cool to drive without any pollution, but how many tons of coal have to burn for the privilege?

That’s a discussion that won’t be resolved by a single blog post, but it’s the reason diesel-powered vehicles should be given a second look before buying electric.

Unfortunately there’s still a shortage of diesel cars in this country, but here’s a list of vehicles that should at least have the option.

Ford Fiesta


Just think, this little rock star already gets upwards of 38 miles per gallon on the highway. Throw in a diesel and we could see 50!

Jeep Wrangler


There’s been talk of giving the Wrangler the same diesel engine found in the Grand Cherokee. If that happens, the Wrangler would be one of the most unstoppable vehicles on the road today. Unfortunately, it looks like the future Wrangler will get smaller and use a turbocharged gas engine instead, leaving our diesel dreams unfulfilled.

Land Rover Evoque


Pick a Land Rover. Any Land Rover. What’s its fuel mileage rating? Odds are, we’re looking at somewhere between 12 and 15 miles per gallon, though the new Evoque does slightly better. Why not put a diesel in those brutes and get more torque and better fuel economy? It could happen soon, at least in the Evoque.

Ford Mustang


Before you throw a piston, think about it. The new Mustang already has a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. Is a diesel any less blasphemous? More torque and longer engine life; what’s not to love?

Toyota Tacoma


This pickup is just made for diesel power. The Tacoma is legendary for reliability anyway, but with a diesel we’d see these things go 500,000 miles before being fully broken in. Come on, Toyota, make it happen.

What car do you wish had a diesel engine?


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  1. I wish the Suburban had a diesel option. Great comfort, needs more mpg to be a perfect family/tow rig.

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