Lexus NX: Just a RAV4 With a Spit Shine?

2015 Lexus NX 200t F-Sport

The problem:

Lexus didn’t have a vehicle to compete against the Audi Q5 and BMW X3.

The opportunity:

Lexus has a solid and successful SUV in the RX series, which has dominated the luxury SUV market for more than 15 years. It could use that leverage to field a new, smaller vehicle and compete in a new category.

The solution:

Take the Toyota RAV4, put in a new engine, use a sexy new Lexus body, add some luxurious and hi-tech amenities, and BAM! We have the new Lexus NX, due in dealerships next month.

With pricing and specs now released, we ask: Is the NX a worthy competitor in this market, or will looking used be a better buy?

We’ll begin by looking at the drawbacks of the new Lexus NX, which will be available as the NX 200t and the NX 300h.

  1. All-wheel-drive is not standard.
  2. Pricing begins higher than the competition.
  3. Power lags behind the competition.

The starting price of the NX 200t is $35,405 with front-wheel drive and $36,805 for AWD. The hybrid NX 300h is priced from $40,645 for FWD and $42,235 for AWD. The standard engine is a 235-hp 2.0-liter twin-scroll turbo 4-cylinder. Other vehicles in the segment offer more power and have lower starting prices.

But there are some positives to the new NX.

  1. The design is outrageous and will appeal to younger drivers.
  2. The amount of technology stuffed into the NX rivals nuclear submarines.
  3. It’s a Lexus, so you can be sure of two things: reliability and resale value.

If you don’t mind paying the price, the NX will be a superstar of a car. It’ll be posh, comfortable and easy to drive, and it will make a bold statement. To save a few bucks while getting the same Lexus comfort and even more capability, look for a used RX.

Would you consider a new Lexus NX?


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