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Peter Max Corvette Collection

Before yesterday I’d never heard the name Peter Max. Maybe that’s because I’m too far out of touch with pop culture, or maybe that’s because I’m not involved in the world of art.

I am, however, involved in the world of cars, and Peter Max has quite the car story.

Mr. Max, as you might have heard by now, owns one of each Corvette produced in the years 1953 to 1989. That’s a total of 36 unique ‘Vettes, which have sat in New York parking garages for the last 25 years.

The story of how they got there, and why, is unbelievable.

The full story can be read over at The New York Times, and I’m not going to rehash the whole thing. In short, a guy won a contest sponsored by the cable music channel VH1. The prize was the aforementioned collection of Corvettes.

Before the winner could claim his prize, artist Peter Max stepped in and bought the collection for $250,000 with the intent of using the cars in an art installation. That never happened, so the cars sat and collected 25 years of dust.

Earlier this year, Max sold the collection to a group of investors who will restore the cars and sell them at auction, with luck as a complete set but individually if a single buyer doesn’t step up.

This is a cool story and got me thinking about which car I’d like to own from every year of production. I briefly considered the Mustang and then wondered about the Toyota Tacoma. I’ve always liked the little pickup and could probably find uses for owning a few decades worth of them.

My choice, though, is really very simple. I’d want to stumble across a parking garage full of all versions of the Porsche 911. From the G-Series in the 1960s to the current 991, I’d love to own one of each and have a timeline of 911 history in my garage.

Or garages.

Which car would you like to own from every year of production?


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