You Can’t Own a Ferrari Sergio, But You Could Own Ferrari

Ferrari Sergio

It’s probably the strangest Ferrari ever built.

The Ferrari Sergio looks like it’s facing the wrong direction—it has the rear haunches of a Veyron and the front dimensions of a poorly designed Hot Wheels model.

The irony behind the Sergio’s odd design is that it was built to honor Sergio Pininfarina, the legendary designer who created many of the trademark Ferrari shapes.

Even crazier, Ferrari will build only 6 copies of the Sergio, each of which is already spoken for, at a price that probably exceeds $2.5 million each.

Needless to say you can’t buy one. But soon you’ll be able to buy a part of Ferrari itself, as the company will be sold out from Fiat’s ownership. Sort of.

Coincidentally, Sergio is also the name of the CEO responsible for announcing that Ferrari will be spun off from the ownership of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Sergio Marchionne said,

As we move forward to secure the 2014-2018 business plan and work toward maximizing the value of our businesses to our shareholders, it is proper that we pursue separate paths for FCA and Ferrari.

Rather than sell Ferrari to another automaker, FCA said it would list a 10 percent stake in Ferrari on major stock exchanges in the U.S. and possibly Europe. The remaining 90 percent ownership will be distributed among FCA’s existing shareholders, the biggest of which remains the Agnelli family, which controls FCA.

To put it simply, Ferrari will become a publicly owned company, which means you and I have equal opportunity to buy shares and become part owners. The sad part is that unless your last name is Agnelli, you probably won’t be able to own too much.

This is mostly a numbers game for Fiat, as it frees up a bunch of cash but leaves controlling ownership with the same family.

With more money available to FCA, we should see more innovation and more new Fiat and Chrysler models in the United States. Maybe we’ll finally get that diesel Wrangler or more cars like the Challenger Hellcat. One thing for sure, we will see more extreme Ferraris in the future… maybe the Sergio is just a hint of things to come.

Will you try to buy some shares of Ferrari?


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