Selling Your Car? Don’t Do This

upside-down car

If reading yesterday’s post on trunk-or-treating made you want to sell your car and go buy a Ferrari FF to use for tonight’s Halloween festivities, you’re not alone.

Or maybe you’ve finally decided it’s time to give up on your Civic and buy one of the most beautiful cars on sale today.

In anticipation of people inundating the CarGurus used listings to post their cars for sale in search of something a little more rewarding, it’s important that we take the time to remember what not to do when trying to sell a car.

Whatever you do, don’t make one of these horrendous mistakes that’ll keep buyers looking elsewhere.

1. Don’t park next to the Batmobile.


It doesn’t matter what car you are selling, keep it away from the preferred transport of superheroes. It’s very distracting.

2. Don’t use filters on your pictures.


The iPhone can do some pretty cool things, but save the filters for selfies. Buyers want to see what the car’s color really looks like, and filters can be deceiving.

3. Avoid having your girlfriend pose in front of the car while wearing a bikini.


I’m not normally one to discourage bikini pictures, but when car shopping it just doesn’t make any sense.

4. Make sure the car isn’t upside down.


Apparently it needs to be said.

5. Don’t crop the car.


What’s in the part of the photo that’s missing? A crumpled fender? A dented bumper? Show the whole car and leave no question as to the vehicle’s condition.

Are you planning to sell a car anytime soon? Post it on CarGurus!


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