GMC: The New Jeep?

GMC Granite concept

Could the new face of GMC look like the Granite concept?

Aside from some leather and chrome, there’s not much that makes a GMC different from a Chevrolet. The Silverado and Sierra trucks are nearly identical, as are the Suburban and Yukon SUVs.

Both brands have small trucks, too, with the Colorado/Canyon twins. The Acadia and Traverse are different only because of the bodywork and the badge adhered to the front grille. So what would make a buyer spend the extra money required to get a GMC when a Chevy is basically the same car for less money?

The answer is perception, of course. GMC has built a brand out of being luxurious, professional and capable. What it hasn’t done is put out vehicles that differentiate themselves enough to uphold that image. Could change be in the air?

It would make a lot of sense for GMC to position itself to take on its crosstown rival, Fiat Chrysler-owned Jeep. In fact, according to a recent interview, GMC may “change its face” and go so far as to build a competitor to the Jeep Wrangler. How cool would that be? There’s nothing official, but at least the idea is being tossed around. It’s a good one, guys, go build it!

Meanwhile, Jeep is moving up in the world by covering the luxury side of things, too. Its coming Jeep Grand Wagoneer will take on the Land Rover Range Rover. I’m not convinced that Jeep has what it takes to match the luxury and capability of Land Rover, but it’s great to see the company try.

GMC, even with its Denali brand, trails Land Rover and will fall behind Jeep if the Wagoneer meets expectations. That’s why news that GMC is also considering a new flagship to slot above the Denali isn’t all that surprising.

Here’s GM’s problem, though: Building a luxurious flagship SUV will basically end up as a GMC-badged Cadillac Escalade. Lord knows we don’t need any more of those on the road.

Should GMC become a Jeep rival, or continue as a glorified Chevrolet?


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  1. Everything for the GMC brand should be AWD standard or RWD biased/AWD and off road focused. Having GMC as the “professional grade, premium truck brand” would set it apart from the rest of GM lineup.

  2. GMC light trucks have recently been made available to Buick and Cadillac dealerships with previous Pontiac and Oldsmobile dealerships also having similar arrangements, and separate franchises exist for medium and light-duty commercial models as well.

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