The Wellborn Sale: Get Your Rare American Muscle!

The million-dollar Daytona?

The million-dollar Daytona?

What do you suppose a 1969 Dodge Charger Hemi Daytona with a 4-speed 425-hp V8 with only 6,000 original miles would command on the auction block?

Here’s a little more info to help with your guess:

The car is in the Tim Wellborn Muscle Car Museum in Alabama and is:

a “pedigree” car that once did time in collector Otis Chandler’s stable and is among the fastest stock cars to ever rip up the roads. “It has a true NASCAR race motor from a brief age when you’d race that car on Sunday and sell the same one to the public on Monday,” says Wellborn. “That’ll never happen again.”

Yes, this car is going up for sale, along with 25 other classics from Wellborn’s 70-car collection. Price?

Wellborn is pretty sure that car will hit seven figures.

In order to keep the museum interesting, he wants to keep a steady rotation of new cars, and the best way to acquire them is to sell some of the old ones.

Here are some other cars from the collection that will hit the auction block at Mecum Auctions in January.

1971 Dodge Hemi Charger R/T

1971 Dodge Hemi Charger R/T
This, according to Mecum Auctions, is the “highest optioned example known to exist.” Included are the 425-hp Hemi engine and the incredibly rare power sunroof option.

1978 Pontiac Firebird from “The Rockford Files”

1978 Pontiac Firebird Garner
Yes, James Garner actually drove this 1978 Pontiac Firebird. Cars of this vintage can sell for a decent amount of money; it’s not unusual to see them listed for around $30,000. This one will probably command even more.

1970 Buick Skylark GSX Stage 1

1970 Buick GSX Stage 1

Only 118 of these cars were built with a 4-speed manual transmission. This is one of them. That 4-speed is connected to a 455-ci V8 that officially made 360 hp. Unofficially? That’s up to the buyer to discover.

1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429 Fastback

1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429 fastback
Mecum says,

During its time on display at the Wellborn Musclecar Museum, this Boss developed a reputation among collectors as a reference-grade example, attracting studious restorers and enthusiasts from across the country to take photographs and document its every detail. This is thanks in large part to the well-preserved originality of the car. Since its discovery ten years ago this rare jewel has been little-known outside the dedicated Boss community; now it is ready to take its rightful place as a pre-eminent example of the ultimate big block Mustang.

Which of these cars would you buy at auction?


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