An F430 Dressing Up Like an Enzo? Bad Idea

The F430 Enzo conversion

The F430 Enzo conversion

A savvy car buyer could pick up a gently used Ferrari F430 for somewhere between $130,000 and $150,000. Yes, that’s enough to buy a house in some places around these United States, but as far as modern Ferraris go, it’s not a bad price of entry.

The F430 was the predecessor of the 458 Italia and remains a mighty fine example of Italian supercar prowess. With its 4.3-liter V8 and 483-hp engine, the car can hit 100 mph before most cars approach 60. Plus it looks absolutely stunning and can hold its own against any other supercar on the market.

Yes, the F430 is a masterpiece, and well-cared-for cars should hold their value, if not increase in worth, over the coming years.

Or, as one F430 seller hopes, you can buy an F430 for almost four times the going rate and get a car that’s been mangled beyond recognition.

“Mangled” isn’t a term often used to describe the Ferrari Enzo. “Legendary” would certainly fit, and the original cars most certainly are. But to the guy who took a perfectly good F430 and modified it to look like an Enzo:

Dude. Don’t be dumb.

The online auction says the car is “one of a kind” and that a buyer “won’t find a car that has this style for anywhere near the price.” The price is a staggering $400,000.

Why would someone want to pay that much for an F430? Yeah, it has a body that somewhat resembles an Enzo, but I’ve seen Toyotas that have been used to create fake Ferrari conversions better than this one. Look closely and you’ll see that the doors even have giant hydraulic pistons blocking access to the cabin. Ummm…


There are only a few days left on the auction and, not surprisingly, the car has zero bidders as of this writing. I’m glad to see that shoppers are smart enough to realize that a destroyed Ferrari will not appreciate in price, and that a genuine F430 is a great car without the need for any modifications.

If you were shopping for a Ferrari, would you want an original F430 or the one modified to look like an Enzo?


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