2015 Mustang Knocks Camaro From the Top

2015 Ford Mustang GT

In November of 2013, a total of 5,376 Ford Mustangs found new homes. That’s not a bad sales month for a muscle car, and it’s about the range where the Chevy Camaro has held steady for the last year.

November 2014 was an entirely different story, mostly because the all-new 2015 Mustang hit the market with full force.

The result?

Let’s just say that the newly redesigned pony car has been exceptionally well received.

Almost 9,000 Mustangs were sold last month, which is nearly double the number of Camaros sold in the same month and more than triple the number Challengers unloaded from dealer lots in November 2013.

Do we have a new king?

Not necessarily.

Before Ford fans get all arrogant, it should be remembered that the Mustang is currently the 29th best selling car in the U.S., while the Camaro is 26th. Even doubling the Camaro’s sales numbers next month won’t push the Mustang’s yearly sales numbers over the Camaros.

TTAC says,

Although sales of the Chevrolet Camaro are up 5% through the first eleven months of 2014 and will rise beyond 80,000 units for the fifth consecutive year, Camaro volume slid 13% in November as the Mustang’s big gains were accompanied by a 51% Dodge Challenger sales increase.

We could say next year will be all about the Mustang, and the Challenger, but an all-new Camaro will debut sometime in 2015 and be smaller and lighter, probably with even more power. The new car can’t come too soon for Chevy fans, with the Mustang stealing sales and the outrageous Challenger Hellcat stealing headlines and making a go for at least one monthly sales title.

There was a time when we wondered if muscle cars were tapering off, but it’s clear they rage on, full speed ahead.

Will you buy the new Mustang or wait for the 2016 Camaro?


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