Buick Avenir Concept Rekindles Glory Days

2016 Buick Avenir concept

My goodness, it’s hard to switch gears from the new Ford GT to, well, anything else.

My personal gratification aside, there are many other surprises and exciting cars being shown at the Detroit Auto Show this week.

One of them took me completely off guard and provides a hopeful, and beautiful, look into the future of Buick.

It’s really not fair to continue to label Buick as the brand preferred by Florida retirees. Sure, there are plenty of old Regals and Centurys still parked at the buffets down there, but the new Buick is something else entirely. Instead of stodgy and practical, words like sleek and exciting come to mind. Buick cars routinely turn heads and gather comments like, “That’s a Buick?!?”

In Detroit this week, Buick took the next step into becoming a genuine luxury car brand by unveiling the Avenir concept, a stunning GT sedan with rear-wheel drive and sloping sexy lines.

This still might end up as your grandfather’s Buick, but only if Grandpa is young, hip, and wealthy.

avenir front

Warrack Leach, who oversaw the creation of the concept car in General Motors’ Australian design studio, said to Car and Driver,

When you’re doing a flagship vehicle for a brand, a rear-wheel-drive architecture is the perfect place to start. You’ve got that confident, dynamic stance, wheels out in the corners, a long dash-to-axle ratio. What it does it harks back to Buicks when Buick was doing really impressive rolling design styles. It’s about positioning the brand with one of those vehicles.

I like Mr. Leach already. It’s refreshingly awesome for a stalwart American car brand to go RWD and harken back to its glory days while staring its foreign competition in the headlights and saying, “Bring it on!”

For the first time ever, the Avenir concept is a Buick I could see myself driving. Here’s to hoping there are plenty of other 30-somethings who share my vision.

Could you see yourself behind the wheel of the Buick Avenir concept?


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