Don’t Believe the Tale of the Scorned Wife and the Cheap 911


If you want a good deal on a used Porsche, or any used car for that matter, don’t bother looking for scorned spouses.

There’s a popular urban legend that tells of wives, angered by the infidelity of their husbands, selling their cheating spouse’s wares for pennies on the dollar. In most versions of the story, the car in question is a nearly new Porsche 911, sold for as little as $50.

The story surfaced again this weekend, this time out of Australia and with a slightly more believable price. Thanks to some nifty detective work, the story was proven false.

Here’s how it went down:

The ad in question begins like this:

Selling my ex-husbands 2010 Porsche 911 Carrera 997 for $20,000. I have been married to this unfaithful poor excuse for a human being for over 25 years and yes we are wealthy.

From the first 3 words I can tell this is fake. Nobody would refer to their spouse as an ex and then in the next sentence say how long they’ve been married and then tell the world they are wealthy. The list of red flags continues as the ad goes on, but it’s all pretty dumb, so I won’t repeat the rest of it here.

The people who believe stories like this are probably the same ones who keep an eye out for kidney thieves and bathtubs full of ice while traveling on business trips.

The good people over at tracked down the truth on this story, which involved a dealer in the U.K. who had the actual car for sale. There were no revenge-driven spouses involved, and the car was listed at a fair market price.

So how should an average bloke like you and me find the best deal on a used Porsche? Easy. Barn finds. Scour the barns in your area and hope you locate a hidden treasure. If that’s too much work, I recommend using the CarGurus used listings. There you’ll find plenty of cars, many of which will be labeled as great deals.

What’s the best deal you’ve ever gotten on a car?


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