Ready for the Comeback of Lotus?

2015 Lotus Eterne sedan

Imagine a new Lotus and you probably picture a late-model Elise. Or maybe you’re one of the people who associate Lotus with the Tesla Roadster, which is essentially an Elise with an electric drivetrain.

Lotus did have a good run in the U.S. and made cars that were famous for being light and fast with superb handling characteristics. The cars looked like exotics but were priced like luxury sedans.

Lotus is still in business and, in the U.K., offers the Elise, Evora, and Exige on a somewhat limited basis. There’s still a limited U.S. dealer network selling what’s left of the 2014 Evora inventory and plenty of used models.

Over the last few years, Lotus has announced, then cancelled, plans for all-new vehicles. How seriously should we take this latest announcement of a brand-new model?

A Lotus press release said,

Lotus is revealing an exciting new car at the important Geneva International Motor Show in early March 2015. The product will remain true to its core pillars of lightness, performance and driving purity by embodying all of them in a most desirable package.

The rest of the press release touted an increase in Lotus sales in the new financial year and high demand in Asian markets.

The big news, though, is the possibility of something new. Could the 4-door Eterne make it into production? Will Lotus build an SUV or crossover? Could a small sedan be in the works?

All we know for sure is that another promise has been made. Here’s hoping that Lotus, propelled by increasing sales, a new sense of perseverance, and a little luck, can come through to build a new generation of cars equally as good as the ones that made it famous.

Should Lotus stick with its formula of lightweight sports cars or venture into new territory?


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