New Ford Bronco: Fact or Fiction?

This is the newest Bronco you'll find

This is the newest Bronco you’ll find

Let’s just get this straight:

A new Ford Bronco is about as likely as a new Hummer H2.

The Bronco represents an iconic time in the development of the modern-day SUV, and plenty of rumors have floated around that it might be resurrected.

It won’t. But the rumor won’t die.

Would people even buy a go-anywhere 2-door SUV in this market? Would a new Bronco be anything more than a desperate plea by Ford to harken back to a long-gone era?

A simple online search for “new Ford Bronco” brings up many pages of home bloggers declaring that the legendary rig will indeed return for the 2016 model year.

Not even close.

There will be no 2016 Bronco. Or 2017. Or 2018. In short, there is no modern Bronco on the horizon, and Ford is not developing one. For the foreseeable future, if you want to buy a Bronco, you’ll have to scour the used listings and see what you can find.

So why the rumors?

These days anyone with Photoshop can put together a rendering of a new car. In this case, someone took the Ford Atlas concept, which preceded the 2015 F-150, and created a cool-looking mockup of what a new Bronco might look like. From there the bloggers went wild, and soon prices and specs surfaced. One site even claimed the Bronco would cost almost $50,000. The problem? The prices and specs were all made up.

Ford did provide some hope for a new Bronco back in 2004. At the North American International Auto Show, a Bronco concept was introduced, but that project was later dropped and has never resurfaced.

The fascination with the Bronco is justified. The vehicle had a 30-year life in the United States, running wild in the streets from 1966 to 1996. It developed a rabid fan base over those three decades, and early models are considered classics that can easily fetch tens of thousands of dollars. Even finding quality late-model Broncos can be a challenge.

Even more frustrating for Bronco fans is the fact that it was replaced by the 4-door Expedition, which comparatively has the personality of a grapefruit. There’s nothing on the market today that has the features and personality of the Bronco, and it doesn’t appear that will change anytime soon.

Would you buy a new Ford Bronco if Ford built it?


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