The Three Worst Super Bowl Car Commercials

FIAT 500x Super Bowl ad

I heard that Pierce Brosnan would be in a Kia ad during the Super Bow, and I immediately thought, “Well, that’ll go down in history as the worst Super Bowl car ad ever.”

But it wasn’t. It was fantastic.

Then I saw the FIAT ad for the new 500X… and, well, I think it might have been the best Super Bowl car ad ever.

And so I got thinking… there have been a lot of great Super Bowl car ads. Every blog in the world has covered that. But what about the worst Super Bowl car ads? There were three of them yesterday.

Let’s take a look.

Nissan and Toyota both produced bombs of epic proportions. Both carmakers decided to take a shot at pulling heartstrings, and both attempted to do it by using a father theme. Both failed miserably.

Nissan’s ad was a mishmash of car racing scenes and a little boy who misses his dad, all set to the backdrop of Cat Stevens. The problem is the ad didn’t make any sense. I think I saw it a half-dozen times, but it left me wondering each time what exactly Nissan was trying to tell me.

If you’re going to abandon your kid as you entertain your dreams of being a race-car driver, you’d better surprise him as a teenager by showing up in a Nissan?


Toyota didn’t fare much better, with an ad that basically said, “Send your daughter off to war, but first drive her to the airport in a Camry.”

Come on, you guys.

Next on the list of bad Super Bowl commercials is the new ad for the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT. The classic story of the tortoise and the hare takes a twist when the tortoise drives a new GT and wins the race. Moral of the story: The GT is barely faster than a rabbit, and even a turtle can drive one.

This must’ve been a last-second decision to throw an ad together and hope it sells cars. Nope. Not gonna work.

There were some great car ads this year (I’m looking at you, Kia and FIAT), but the bad ones were dreadful.

Which was your favorite Super Bowl car ad?


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