Return of the Chevelle?

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle

Young people today may recognize Chevelle as the name of a band rather than a muscle car.

Those of us who grew up with the era of muscle cars in our recent past remember the Chevelle as a kick-butt V8-powered coupe. Those with even deeper car knowledge know the Chevelle was one of GM’s most popular nameplates in the 1960s and ’70s, spawning 4-door, convertible, coupe, and station-wagon versions.

The car disappeared after 1977, when the Malibu took over and buyers shifted to a slightly smaller car.

For almost four decades the Chevelle name has sat dormant. Is it coming back?

Contrary to plenty of reports to the contrary, there are no immediate signs that Chevy has a new Chevelle in the works.

Here’s an excerpt, word-for-word, from copy that is circulating:

2016 Chevy Chevelle is rumored to be produced again by Chevrolet soon in order to face the competition of sedan car in which getting more competitive in this time. As for those who are the lovers of Chevrolet product especially on its sedan car, the name of Chevelle may not be a strange for them. It is considered so since, Chevelle became one of the most popular cars for Chevrolet especially on their sedan car product line. In facing the tight competition in this segment recently, the newest Chevelle is rumored to be prepared by Chevrolet in order to give big challenge for the contenders.

Seems legit, right?

Even the car they use to show what the “2016 Chevelle” will look like is a concept from 2012 called the Code 130R. It never made it to production. If GM were planning a new Chevelle, we’d see spy shots and teaser photos, not a fully rendered pig of a car like this one.

Contacting General Motors and scouring reputable news sources all pointed to the same answer: There are no immediate plans to bring the Chevelle name back.

That’s not to say that it won’t happen in the future, but for now our collective Chevelle cravings will need to be sated on the used market.

Should Chevrolet bring back the Chevelle?


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  1. chevy is long overdue for a good coupe not just a camaro maybe bring back the Monte

  2. The time is right, but only if it truly represent the awesome 1970 SS454 version. Don’t disgrace the image with some watered down version like Ford did with the Mustang 2. If it isn’t as good in looks and performance as the legendary cars, it will be a flop and disgrace GM. I don’t understand how companies believe a nameplate will sell a product. They need to realize what made these cars King in their time.

  3. I had my hands on one of these a few years ago and hesitated on pulling the trigger. It was gone when I called the guy back and I have never forgiven myself for it.

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