Would You Buy a Porsche With a Sketchy Past?


There’s something sexy about the idea of owning a Porsche with a sketchy past.

Buy the right car, and you could be behind the wheel of a criminal’s favorite ride. Maybe it was used to rob a bank or to transport illegal drugs. Or maybe it was just an indulgence after a successful crime spree.

Of course, you’d never do anything illegal, but driving a car that once served a primary role in crime is a very real possibility.

If you’re interested in such an automobile, the Dallas District Attorney’s office has a Porsche Boxster with your name on it.

The full story of the Boxster’s past is long and convoluted with plenty of controversy. The 2001 Boxster was obtained in 2011 as property taken from criminal suspects in a federal drug task force operation.

The Dallas DA at the time wanted the car for himself, and somehow got it, but then left it parked in a rooftop garage for 2 years before it went to auction and was sold back to the DA’s office under a new district attorney.

Next month the car will go up for auction again, this time to the general public.

With an unknown past and plenty of neglect in its recent past, is it smart to buy a car like this at auction? A 2001 Boxster isn’t exactly a rare find. Head to the CarGurus used listings and you’ll find a plethora of them around the country priced at around $10,000.

So why take a chance on an auction car?

It’s possible bidding will remain low and someone could walk away with the car for under 10 grand. If it were me, though, I’d rather search for one with a more reliable past, and service records, and know exactly what I’m getting.

Would you buy a car with an unknown history that was once used in a crime?


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  1. I think the idea of purchasing a car with a mysterious criminal past is exciting and like you said, sexy. We could all use a little more excitement in our lives so yes, I’d consider it.

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