Ram’s Tiny Truck: Worthy of the Name?

Ram 700

Worthy of the Ram name?


The Toyota Tacoma.

The Nissan Frontier.

The Chevrolet Colorado.

The GMC Canyon.

The Ram Dakota.

To some extent, the Honda Ridgeline.

One of these doesn’t fit in, because one of these isn’t real.

Most automakers now realize that some people want a truck, but don’t need a full-size truck. Not everyone is from Texas, and not everyone hauls trailers loaded with hay and cattle.

For the people who just want a small truck to move the occasional end table, options are limited. Should a small FIAT-based truck come to the U.S. as a small Ram?

The Ram 700 is a diminutive front-wheel-drive truck sold in Central and South America and based on the FIAT Strada. In North American terms, the 700 is ridiculously small and would probably fit in the bed of a traditional American truck.

The fact is, the 700 is unlikely to come to America, even among rumors that a new Dakota could be in the works. It’s just too small. Unless, of course, Americans are ready to fall in love again with trucks like the Chevy LUV and Isuzu Pickup.

I remember being a kid and seeing those small trucks everywhere. A friend’s mom had one, and I remember her driving us around town either stuffed into the “X-tra Cab” or rolling around in the bed. Today both of those options for transporting children are illegal, and those small trucks have slowly gone extinct in the States.

I don’t think they are coming back, partly because recent efforts looked so incredibly bad.

Subaru tried with the Baja, and it bombed. The 700 doesn’t look any better and wouldn’t likely succeed here, but maybe Ram could make it look like a tiny 1500 and increase its odds of success.

Ram has broken the rules before, and maybe it will try again, this time to usher in a new era of tiny trucks.

Would you want the Ram 700 to be sold in the United States?


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