Rolls-Royce SUV? Get a Jeep Instead

Let's hope it doesn't look like this

Let’s hope it doesn’t look like this

Think of the carmakers that you thought would never build an SUV.







To date, all but one of these automakers have built, or plan to build, an SUV. Now we can add one more to the list of things we never thought we’d see:

A Rolls-Royce go-anywhere family hauler shaped like a sport utility vehicle. Just don’t call it an SUV, or you’ll make those hoity toity RR execs angry.

Rolls-Royce has confirmed that it will produce an SUV. Sort of. Here’s what CNN says:

Properly speaking, Rolls-Royce, itself, is not calling the vehicle it intends to produce an SUV. Instead, Rolls-Royce has said it will offer its customers a “go anywhere vehicle.” While Rolls-Royce executives have said they cannot object to the term SUV being used to describe the vehicle, which they refer to as a car and not a truck, they do not call it that themselves. It is expected to have a traditional wagon-like SUV shape.

Take that for what it’s worth, I guess.

We have no idea what the RR “go anywhere vehicle” will cost, but whatever it is, I think buyers would be better off getting a rig that wears its SUV badge proudly.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee seems like a natural choice. Sure, it won’t have the ultra-luxurious space or features of a Rolls, but according to a CarGurus reviewer,

There are some fine interiors coming from Jeep these days, and the Grand Cherokee is no exception. It also manages to do something that’s very difficult by keeping true to the rugged, off-road pedigree of the brand while providing comfort and a level of luxury.

Good enough for me!

Anything Rolls-Royce builds will find buyers. For the vast majority of us who appreciate our luxury in slightly lower or at least less expensive doses, we have the new Toyota RAV4Honda CR-V, the sporty Mazda CX-5, the debuting Lexus NX 200t, and even the well-rounded Kia Sorento.

Who knows how many more carmakers will surprise us with SUV announcements. Now that Bugatti has sold its last Veyron, maybe it’ll be next.

What SUV is on your shopping list?


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