Sell the Honda, Buy a Kia?

2014 Kia Soul

A friend of mine had a beautiful, low-mileage Honda Pilot for sale.

This is the kind of guy who keeps the paperwork on everything he buys and has required service performed at the recommended intervals and only at authorized locations. He buys reasonable, practical items, but only gets the top-of-the-line versions of them.

Let me give you an idea of what kind of guy this is. When I purchased a used hot tub from him, he handed me a manila folder with every piece of paper it came with and receipts for every service and part, sorted by date. And laminated.

So when this guy sells a car, the buyer gets a pristine example of what a used vehicle should be.

When he told me he wanted to sell his Honda and get a Kia, my reaction was two-fold.

First, I wanted to get my hands on that Pilot. I knew a low-mileage example that was so well cared for would fetch a hardy sum on the used market, but apparently he knew that as well and priced it out of my range of affordability.

My next thought was: a Kia!?

Little to my surprise, the Honda sold the day it hit the market. That’s a benefit of buying a Honda. Take care of it, keep the mileage in check, and you’ll sell it fast.

A week later my friend did, indeed, drive home in a new 2014 Kia Soul.

The ’09 Pilot has an air of maturity to it. It’s a little bulky, but practical and comfortable for moving people and pets from place to place. The Soul is the polar opposite. It screams youth. It’s trendy. It’s hip. But is it… nice?

I was afraid my friend would miss his Honda and the honeymoon period with his Kia wouldn’t last long. Plus, there’s this little nugget that I haven’t mentioned yet: My friend stands 6’10” tall.

Why would he get the Soul, which is so much smaller?

Because it works. It fits him. He’s comfortable in it, and it makes him happy. It can’t fit as much cargo as the Pilot, but the Soul has plenty of space for him, his wife, and their two dogs. This is what he said to me when I asked if he misses the Honda:

“Why pay for a Pilot when all we need is a little Soul?”

Well said, my friend.

Would you sell a Honda and buy a Kia?


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