Nimoy’s Audi Commercial Lives On


Outside of Star Trek, Leonard Nimoy was better known for his art and photography than for his affection for automobiles.

The recently passed Nimoy spent nearly all of his acting days piloting a space ship, but spent at least a little time piloting a Mercedes-Benz in a now-classic Audi commercial that featured the two Spock actors dueling for lunch.

It was a great ad when it premiered in 2013 and it’s even better now.

Normally I dislike it when car companies, or any other advertisers, mention competitors in their advertising. I find it unsettling and often end up siding with the company being portrayed as inferior.

An example of this is when Audi put up a billboard mocking BMW, only to have BMW come back and put Audi in its place. I’m an Audi guy, and even I chuckled because BMW clearly won that ad war and ended up with its name on two billboards for the price of one.


It was a little different when Audi took on Mercedes-Benz. The ad used Nimoy and the new Spock actor, Zachary Quinto, to create an entertaining and humorous video that portrayed the good nature of friendly competition.

Here’s the ad. Oddly enough, the checkmate theme comes up again:

Nimoy didn’t do a lot of commercial work during his life, but this was one to remember.

Does Audi’s advertising make you like its cars better than BMW or Mercedes-Benz? 


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  1. Best part was Leonard singing Bilbo Baggins in the car… I never even knew that song existed before this past week.

  2. Hahahaha… “Technically, we are not in side yet…. I’ll see you in side”. Funnnnny… RIP Leonard Nimoy

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