Geneva Goes Bonkers and Delivers Fresh, Fast Metal

koenigsegg regara

Being in Geneva right now would be a lot like being at the birth of the universe and witnessing the unveiling of the first stars.

It’d be completely exhilarating, awe-inspiring, and something you couldn’t wait to tell the people back home.

The Geneva Motor Show always has surprises. It’s the place automakers like to shock the industry and show the world what they are best at creating. This year had some expected surprises, if there is such a thing, but at least a couple of debuts left us wondering how soon they could reach production. Bentley and Aston Martin especially stole the show, but Lamborghini and Koenigsegg delivered cars unlike anything the world has ever seen.


The Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6 concept looks ready for production. The car rolled onto the Geneva floor completely unannounced from the automaker; which traditionally is known for bespoke and luxurious sedans. The 2-door coupe is sleek and absolutely gorgeous. This is the direction Bentley should be going, not toward the inevitable release of a new SUV.

If the Speed 6 doesn’t make production, or if it costs too much to bring home, consider a less expensive British coupe like the Jaguar XK. It’s affordable (especially in used models) and available in a similar British Racing Green!


Aston Martin is the carmaker known for low-slung, beautiful V8 and V12 touring coupes. So what did it bring to Geneva? An all-electric 4×4 crossover, of course.

The DBX concept, while shocking, might be best forgotten. Unfortunately, an Aston ‘ute is in the cards for the future and we’ll probably see one like this on dealer lots in the coming years. What should you buy instead? If you must have a sports car SUV, get a Porsche Cayenne and save some money while getting a motor that can actually take you to far away places.


Lamborghini brought all of the excessive power and angular design you’d expect and put it in a package called the Aventador Superveloce. The SV designation takes the Aventador up to 740-horsepower and a redline of 8500 rpm. Take a moment and imagine what that might sound like.

There’s not a lot on the lower end of things that can rival Lambo. If you’re looking for straight up speed at a lower budget, consider the Nissan GT-R. You will smoke some Lamborghinis at the track, but the Aventador SV isn’t one of them.


Finally, we bring you Koenigsegg and its new 1,800-hp Regera. This could be the pinnacle with which all hypercars are henceforth compared. I’ll just quote Top Gear for this one:

0-186mph takes 12 seconds flat, while 0-250mph takes under 20 seconds. It’ll go from 93mph to 155mph in just 3.2 seconds, and top out at 255mph. Let those numbers swirl around your head for a moment.

Yes. The 0-250 measurement is now a thing.

Want something cheaper and a little less bonkers? Get the Aventador SV.

What’s your favorite car from the Geneva Motor Show?


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