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Chevy Silverado

“Remember, we’re taking the greenhouse,” my wife said.

My heart fell to my knees. It was bad enough that we had to take the 10 years of stuff that had accumulated in the garage. I didn’t even want to take the living-room furniture.

Moving a couch is hard. Moving a greenhouse must be impossible.

We started our move two weekends ago, which is when the first mention of moving the greenhouse occurred. I’ve been putting it off, because people are meant to move to and from houses, not to move actual houses. And the greenhouse is, let’s not mince words, a house.

It’s a monstrosity that borders on being a permanent structure. Imagine a regular house, replace the walls with plexiglass, and you have a pretty good idea of the task that loomed before me.

The solution involved my brother-in-law, a friend of his, and two capable pickup trucks that made the task almost, somewhat, enjoyable.

Before I go any further, make it a priority to buy yourself a truck if you don’t have one. You really do need one. If not for you, buy one so you can be the guy friends call when they move.

The two trucks that helped with the greenhouse were both Chevrolets. One was a 2005 Chevy Silverado with about 70,000 miles that towed a flatbed trailer, and the other was a 1997 C/K 1500 with 235,000 miles that had a power liftgate installed. (If you really want to be loved, get a power liftgate on your truck!)

We were able to lift the greenhouse about a foot off the ground with a hand-operated forklift and plenty of 4×4 blocks. With the forklift on one side, we backed up the truck with the liftgate to the other side and slowly lifted. Once the greenhouse was about 4 feet off the ground, we backed the trailer underneath and slowly lowered the greenhouse onto the trailer.

The whole process of moving it from one house to the other took about 6 hours, but at the end of the day, we felt especially proud of our accomplishment.

Having the right tools and the right trucks helped make this move a little less miserable. It also proved that having a truck doesn’t have to be an expensive proposition. That old ’97 saved the day for me.

Check the used listings when you have a minute and find a truck that’ll make you someone’s hero!

What’s your favorite vehicle to use for moving?


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