Big Family? Here’s Your Newest Chariot!


I used to know a family who went everywhere in a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van. You know the one. It’s long, tall, and looks dangerously top-heavy as it weaves through city streets.

This was a family who needed the space and weren’t ashamed to drive something out of the ordinary in order to be comfortable.

The traditional 5-passenger car or SUV just doesn’t cut it for large families. My family requires a 6-passenger rig, but if truth be told, sometimes I think an even larger vehicle would be nice, because there is little room for any of the stuff that comes with us.

Another family friend has a similar situation, and has announced her new dream car: a Nissan.

What Nissan can hold up to 12 people and all the stuff that goes with them? It’s not the Rogue or Pathfinder, that’s for sure. Think… bigger.

The newest of the massive people-haulers on the market is the Nissan NV Passenger, a van that was born for commercial use but has morphed into an ideal people mover. Boasting an impressive 12-person capacity, the seats in the NV Passenger can be set up in a staggering 324 seating positions.

It also has 28.9 cubic feet of storage space available behind the fourth row of seats. Yes, the *fourth* row. That makes me salivate a little, because there’s only 10.9 cubic feet of space behind the third row of seats in my Audi Q7. Granted, my Audi is sleek and sexy, while the NV would be like driving around in a giant block of cheese. Sometimes vanity must be chosen over comfort.

Oh, but there’s power, too. With the optional 5.6-liter 312-hp V8 engine, the NV Passenger can also tow up to 8,700 pounds of trailer or boat.

Most of the NV Passenger vans are probably destined for a life as airport and hotel shuttle vehicles, but if you’re one of the big families who don’t mind giving up vanity for comfort, the NV should be your new dream car.

What’s your favorite vehicle for transporting a large family?


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