Here Comes the Rebirth of Scion

Scion iM concept

Scion is dead.

Long live Scion.

Toyota’s experiment of creating a lower priced car for young people has seen limited success. The biggest impact it’s had on the auto industry so far is starting the whole box-car craze.

If not for the Scion xB, the world may have never gotten to know the Nissan Cube or the Kia Soul, for which we are eternally grateful, right?

Scion sales in recent years have been anemic, and its model lineup has failed to generate anything more than mediocre reviews. With the exception of the FR-S, Scion has been near flatline. The options?

Give up on the brand, or give it another shot of adrenaline.

Toyota, Scion’s owner, has decided the brand deserves to remain in business and will debut two new models at the New York Auto Show next month. Before you write off this latest comeback attempt as nothing more than the second coming of the xA, I ask you to remember last year’s L.A. Auto Show and the Scion iM hot-hatch concept. Car and Driver said:

A mainstream hatchback sized for the heart of the market makes a massive amount of sense for Scion. The xB might be similar in size, but it’s a lumpen mess compared with the handsome iM. In Europe, the Auris is offered with a range of gasoline and diesel four-cylinder engines, as well as a hybrid powertrain. Scion isn’t releasing full details on the iM quite yet, but it is willing to share that the concept is fitted with a full body kit, 19-inch wheels wrapped in performance tires, an adjustable sports suspension, and four-piston front brake calipers squeezing vented rotors.

This could be the real deal.

All we really know about Scion’s other debut, the iA, is that it’ll be the carmaker’s first 4-door sedan. In a press release, Toyota said the

Scion iA sedan is designed to appeal to young people who need a little more practicality, but still want engaging styling and outstanding driving dynamics.

We’ll see both cars in production form next month and will have more specs to share, but for now it looks like Scion is showing promise in stepping up its game and finally offering cars that can compete in the entry-level market.

It’s been 12 years since the Scion name was introduced, and we hope its safe and sane childhood will give way to some good old-fashioned rebellious teenage years.

Will you consider a Scion as your next car purchase?


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