CarGurus Announces Bahston Translation

A cah in the snow in Bahston

Boston winters can be hard on a car, be it Big-Dig-size potholes destroying suspensions, road salt rendering undercarriages rusty and weak, or space-saving old beach chairs leaving ugly dents and scrapes on new vehicles. Here at Cambridge-based CarGurus, we want to help our friends and family who have cars that failed to weather the storm and are now searching for new rides.

Introducing CarGurus Bahston: Our first U.S. regional site translation offers “Wicked Great Deals from Killah Dealers.” Built with the same technology powering CarGurus in Spanish, it makes car shopping more familiar and natural for Boston natives.

“I was tahkin with my Ahnt Patty about pahkin for the B’s game when she says she needs a new cah. But she says all the cah websites ah written by frickin’ chowdaheads from Hahvuhd. So, there you go,” says CarGurus CEO and Boston native Langley Steinert.

With that clear directive, CarGurus Bahston was born and is now helping Beantowners find the best car for their around-the-Hub needs, such as the most comfortable seats for sitting still in a traffic jam on the Pike, a car with the perfect lines to look sharp while buried under 4 feet of wet, dirty snow, or just a vehicle with the handling and grace to handle full-contact everyday driving.

Some of CarGurus’ most popular features required special consideration to ensure they did not lose their meaning when translated into local terms. For example, listings once ranked from “Great Deal” to “Overpriced” are now in a more understandable order from “Big Papi” to “A-Rod.”

The company hopes to launch support for more U.S. regional dialects by next April 1st, including Southern, Valley Girl, and Hoosier. Just not New Yorker. The Yankees suck.


Find Used Cahs in Your Area at CahGurus

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