No Joke: Exciting Cars are Coming!


2016 Chevy Malibu


This is the hardest time of the year to be a car blogger.

Like Black Friday sales, the jokes of April Fools’ Day are starting to creep into the day prior. This can make it very difficult to separate fact from fiction. Some stories this year were obviously so far-fetched that the odds of being real were virtually none.

A story about a Ford/GM hypercar was originally posted on March 31 (later updated to April 1) and managed to rile up bloggers and forums everywhere.

I didn’t bite for a second and thought I’d wait to see how the story played out. Naturally, the link to the video, which was supposed to show the live feed of the car being unveiled at the New York Auto Show, went to the Rick Astley video for “Never Gonna Let You Go.” Yes, I was Rick Rolled, and the story was confirmed as fake.

Both Ford and General Motors make supercars (Corvette Z06 and Ford GT) and there’s no reason for the two to combine forces to create another one.

The New York Auto Show did offer plenty of exciting cars, most of which, we think, are real.

There’s the Cadillac CT6, which we covered briefly here and could change the luxury game for good.


There’s the Porsche Boxster Spyder, which will give the 911 a run for its money.


On the more practical side of things, Honda unveiled its sportiest new Civic concept ever and Volkswagen announced that the all-wheel-drive Golf SportWagen Alltrack will be sold in the United States.

A new Kia Optima and Chevrolet Malibu will add some seductive new curves to the sedan market.

One thing that’s not happening is a Ford/GM hypercar concept. While the idea is intriguing, the cars coming for real are far more interesting.

What new cars are you excited for?


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