The Battle of 2015’s Best Sedans

2015 Mazda6

There’s not a bad sedan on the market today. Any sedan, from any automaker that sells cars in the United States, should provide safe and reliable transportation for many years.

The differences in cars are in their levels of quality, performance, comfort, technology, and safety. Buying a top-level Lexus sedan will provide a much different experience than an entry-level Kia 4-door, but both will probably be on the road for about the same amount of time.

So how do car shoppers know which sedan is the best? Or better yet, how can they discover which is the best for them?

The answers are in the pages of CarGurus’ Test Drive Reviews. It’s there that a car’s personality will come through and shoppers can compare how cars are rated on look and feel, performance, form and function, technology, safety, and cost-effectiveness.

The Honda Accord is widely regarded as the most practical sedan money can buy, and the Test Drive Review of the 2015 model pretty much backs that up. Details on the above categories are explored in detail, and the Accord comes away with an overall 8.2 out of 10 rating. The reviewer says,

The 2015 Honda Accord is an exceptionally well-engineered vehicle, one that will most likely provide you with dependable service day in and day out for many years, winning the test of time and commanding respect and maybe even inspiring a little love.

Compare that to the 2015 Mazda6, which takes a completely different stand on what a family sedan should be. If Honda boils down to practicality, the Mazda can be best described with the word fun. The review says,

Given the Mazda6’s general awesomeness, you might think this sharp-looking, well-equipped and fun-to-drive car would command a premium in terms of price. You’d be wrong.

It scores an impressive 8.7 on the same scale. Does this mean the Mazda6 is a better car than the Honda Accord? No. It means people who value a sleek look and more pep in their step will value the Mazda more than the Honda.

Browse through the Test Drive Reviews on CarGurus and then let us know:

What car best fits your personality?


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