Today’s Mistake Equals Tomorrow’s Collectible

2015 Lexus RC 350

Today we’re going to cover a spread of two and a half decades on a single page. Specifically we are going to discuss two cars that are 25 years apart and have absolutely nothing in common except a certain attribute that can make even the most forgettable car something special.

One of these cars remains in production, though even the automaker admits it probably shouldn’t. The other car hasn’t been on a production line since the Bush administration. The first one.

What is it that links this 2015 Lexus to a 1990 Volkswagen?


The 2015 Lexus RC 350, according to Car and Driver,

aims to bring sexy back to Lexus, with a blend of style and performance that has been lacking in most of the brand’s recent offerings. Under the hood is Lexus’s (and Toyota’s) ubiquitous 306-hp 3.5-liter V-6; an eight-speed automatic routes power to the rear wheels, while a six-speed automatic serves duty with optional all-wheel drive. The F Sport adds adaptive dampers and special gauges and interior trim.

While the RC has sold over 4,000 copies, Lexus admitted it was a mistake and should have come out with a 3-row SUV instead. Doing so, it believes, would have resulted in about 31,000 additional sales.

So the RC will be a low-production car that probably won’t be on showroom floors for long. That means, in 25 years, it could end up like the 1990 Volkswagen Golf Country Syncro, which,

packs four-wheel drive, obligatory off-road looks, fantastic ‘90s decals, and incredible rarity. Yes, rarity. In fact, there are around twice as many Lamborghini Gallardos in the world as Golf Countrys.


Production of the Country Syncro stopped in 1991 after a little more than 7,000 copies were built. Finding one today on the used market is an exceptionally rare occasion, but it happens.

Does this mean you should run out and buy the first 2015 RC 350 you see to prepare for what might be the best car find of 2040? Unfortunately for today’s bank account, yes, it probably does.

What car would you buy today that could be a collectible in 25 years?


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