Vice President Declares Corvette Better Than Porsche

2015 Corvette Z06

Happy Memorial Day! We’re now in the final stretch of a long weekend that marks the unofficial start of summer. This is also the weekend when we’re encouraged to take a break from work and remember the ancestors who paved the way for us to enjoy life in the United States.

This is also the time of year when people graduate from high schools and colleges across our great nation.

Sometimes these two annual rights of passage converge, and we see America-infused commencement speeches from high-profile celebrities and politicians. There were none bigger this month than the speech delivered by Vice President Joe Biden, who made a shocking claim about the superiority of America.

We live in a beautiful country full of amazing opportunity unlike anywhere else in the world. This is a great country, no doubt, but it’s not necessarily the best. Not everything we make here or believe here is better than that in other countries by default. That’s especially true when it comes to cars.

Which brings us to the vice president. Mr. Biden, in a commencement speech at Yale University, said,

So here it goes – let’s get a couple things straight right off the bat: Corvettes are better than Porsches. They’re quicker and they corner as well.

Come on, Mr. Vice President, these are Yale students. They’re smart and know better than that!

Porsche has had the sports-car formula perfect for the last five decades, while Chevrolet has made a world-class car only with its last iteration of the ‘Vette.

Biden makes a good point about the Corvette’s acceleration. It’s a beast and a source of American pride. However, the Corvette Z06 requires a world-class driver to handle it, while anyone can slip into a 911 and still beat the ‘Vette on a road track. Here’s what former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson said about the Z06:

This car is evil. You turn into a corner and there’s some quite pronounced understeer. You give it a dab of power to solve the problem but because there’s so much torque, the back end doesn’t start to come loose. It lets go completely.

He went on to say,

Europe does serious well. It does substance. It does brilliant. America does Disney.

Chevrolet has a legendary history with the Corvette and has made a beautiful performance car. But is it better than a Porsche? Depends on who you believe.

Do you agree with the vice president that the Corvette is better than a Porsche?


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