The Next Porsche Killer: A Baby NSX?

Can anyone beat it?

Can anyone beat it?

There aren’t many ways to compete with the Porsche Cayman.

Porsche is the most formidable player in the sports-car world, and the Cayman is as good as somewhat-affordable sports cars get. Very few companies field competitors to the Cayman. In fact, the biggest competitors are other Porsches, so the German automaker pretty much has a monopoly on the market for performance and luxury.

Buyers looking to avoid the price premium of Porsche can look to the Nissan 370Z and pay half the price but get half the car. There’s also an exciting newcomer on the scene in the form of the Alfa Romeo 4C, which is probably the fiercest competitor to the Cayman. The problem with the 4C is availability. Even if you can afford one, the odds of getting one aren’t good.

So who can step up and actually deliver a genuine competitor to the Cayman?


Yeah, that’s right. The conservative and practical maker of the Accord could build a car that will take down a Porsche.

Honda is no stranger to performance cars, as it built the much-loved S2000 and the legendary NSX. Now that there’s a new NSX and the insane Civic Type R, Honda has its mojo back and will likely build a midengine baby NSX.

AutoExpress said,

The baby NSX coupe will bear similar proportions to Honda’s new flagship supercar and will also incorporate some of its technology such as the hybrid four-wheel drive system.

The mid-engined coupe will slot in between the NSX and the little turbocharged S660 mini-roadster already on sale in Japan, that’s expected to spawn a more powerful S1000 for European markets. A Honda insider told us the Japanese car-maker has not only been debating the viability of a third mid-engined model, but that it’s already deep into development.

If any carmaker can create a sports car to provide a driving experience as good as a Porsche, it’s Honda.

Would you be interested in a baby NSX?


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