Own a Land Yacht? Get a Dinghy Instead

1988 Honda Civic

Three cars sat in the driveway, and there was only one that I desperately wanted.

We were high in the Sierra Nevada mountains somewhere just south of Lake Tahoe. My aunt lives in the area, and in her driveway sat a Lexus RX 350, an Audi Q7, and a 1988 Honda Civic.

The two luxury utes looked like behemoths next to the diminutive Honda, but that’s the one I would’ve loved to take home.

Here’s why.

While at Lake Tahoe, I noticed that many of the yachts have smaller dinghies on the back. I thought of that as I drove my Q7 from Tahoe to Los Angeles. It’s an incredibly comfortable and luxurious ride. The strong V6 purrs along with a quiet strength and offers plenty of pep for passing and cruising. There’s no better car for long trips. It’s essentially a yacht for the land.

While the Audi is king of the road trips, the Honda is king for daily commuters. It’s also exceptionally cheap and reliable. My uncle purchased the car 5 years ago for just $1,100. Want to know how much he’s put into it? Tires.

That’s it.

The little Honda gets around 45 miles per gallon, and the manual transmission makes the car tons of fun to drive. It’s reliable and economical and the perfect car to own for getting around a city.

In the summer, at least. Winters in Tahoe can drop upward of a thousand feet of snow in a night (roughly), so my uncle doesn’t spend his winters there.

For me the Honda would be a perfect dinghy. I could use it three out of four seasons and keep the Q7 for big family excursions, winter driving, and road trips.

The cost of buying a little Honda like that would be paid for in about 10-12 fill-ups of the Audi.

Everyone who owns a large SUV and wants to save money should consider doing it like the yacht owners do: get a smaller dinghy car like the Honda.

Would you like to have a car like the 1988 Honda Civic?


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