Which Cars Still Look Great After Decades on the Road?

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The Ferrari Testarossa: Still a good-looking car!

If your family is anything like mine, going on a road trip generates plenty of interesting conversation. In many families, those conversations often end with intense bickering, due to heated opinions.

I’m lucky because our conversations tend to revolve around cars, but that doesn’t mean they’re not heated.

When the topic of cars that still look great after a couple decades came up, there were two distinct opinions .

The conversation began when a late model Ferrari California drove by while we shopped in the city of Carmel-by-the-Sea, Calif.

Our daughter thought the Ferrari was a Porsche and pointed it out first. Thus began the Great Debate of 2015.

When I think of cars that still look great after a few decades, I include Ferrari on that list. My wife, on the other hand, does not.

“Oh sweetie,” she replied to our little girl’s observation, “That’s not good-looking enough to be a Porsche.”

Naturally, I took issue with that statement.

A Ferrari is a work of art. As it ages, it comes to define the decade in which it was created. Think of the 1980s versions and how, well, 1980s they are. Those old cars still create a stir in my soul when I see one. In fact, a Testarossa we saw on the same day added fuel to our debate.

I thought the old Ferrari stood the test of time while my wife balked at the bold side strakes and compared the car to an older Corvette.

Blasphemy, right?

When I challenged her to name older cars she thinks still look great after at least two decades, she was quick to answer. She said, “Porsche, BMW, and Mercedes. They are still classy and timeless. Even the older ones are great looking cars today.”

It’s hard to argue with that logic.

The German manufacturers tend to apply an evolutionary design style that seamlessly melds the decades. Italian automakers such as Ferrari and Lamborghini, on the other hand, tend to change design to match the times. That’s why a Testarossa from 1987 looks decades apart from the California of today.

I love older cars for that reason. They represent a time long past but still roam our streets with a timeless grace.

Which cars still look great after decades on the road?


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