The Coolest Innovation in Truck History

ram truck ramps

Well, here’s another one for the “Why didn’t I think of that?” file.

Have you ever watched videos of people failing to load motorcycles or ATVs into pickup beds? If not, it’s a highly entertaining pastime I enthusiastically recommend.

People try all sorts of crazy ideas to get their small vehicles inside their big vehicles. Sometimes they use makeshift wood ramps, sometimes they create some kind of bridge, and sometimes they just use brute strength.

There’s obviously a need to transport small vehicles, and the good people over at Ram trucks think it’s high time that task becomes easier. And probably a lot less funny.

I’ve never really understood why people transport motorcycles in trucks. Why not just drive the bike to where they want to go?

Regardless, loading bikes into trucks is definitely a thing. Search YouTube for fail videos and you’ll spend many hours watching people attempt some pretty crazy ideas. Ram, apparently, has seen some of those videos and wants to keep people—and their toys—safer.

The company has filed a patent for fold-out ramps integrated into the bed of a pickup truck.

Car and Driver said,

The patent, titled “Adjustable Loading Ramp System for a Vehicle” and awarded on June 30, was noticed by a tipster who forwarded the info along to the Mopar-mad folks over at Allpar, who first reported on the finding. It describes a system featuring two slide-out ramps that stow in the floor of the pickup bed and also lock into channels at the far end of the folded-down tailgate. Sliders allow the user to adjust the width of the ramps to fit the vehicle being loaded in or out.

If these ramps ever make it into production they’d solve a lot of problems caused by ill-spaced and unsecured homemade ramps.

Just because a patent has been filed, though, doesn’t mean these ramps will be part of your next Ram pickup. It’s possible the company filed the patent just to keep other companies from doing it.

I happen to think this is one of the coolest innovations in truck history and I hope Ram figures out how to put the idea into production.

Would you use Ram’s Adjustable Loading Ramp System?


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