Electric Cars Grabbing Headlines, Changing Lives

Porsche Pajun small sedan

Would anyone have guessed in 2005 that auto headlines midway through 2015 would focus so heavily on electric vehicles? From Tesla to Porsche and from upstarts to downfalls, electric cars are succeeding, failing, creating controversy, and setting records everywhere we look.

We recently covered the news about the fast-depreciating Nissan Leaf, and we’ve covered the rise of Tesla in these virtual pages since the Roadster was just a baby.

We’ve also seen the fall of Fisker, Coda, Aptera, and many more hopeful EV makers that never sold more than a handful of vehicles before going belly-up.

Here are some of the more interesting headlines from the last week or so regarding the best (and worst) in the EV world. If there’s any doubt that electric cars are here to stay, these stories might change some minds.

First comes the news of the fastest 0-60 time ever. In the past that record would belong to a car powered by some kind of massive gasoline-fed, supercharged engine. Times have changed, though, and a tiny electric car putting out about 134 hp and weighing less than 353 pounds has done the sprint in a blistering 1.779 seconds. Here’s the headline from Autoweek:

Watch this AWD electric car shatter the 0-100 km/h world record

If that’s not interesting enough for you, check out this headline from Car & Driver:

Porsche Pajun Sedan Could Appear at Frankfurt Auto Show with Electric Powertrain

This might be the biggest story yet. It validates Tesla’s work while giving the California carmaker a reason to keep an eye in its rear-view. It’s possible that Porsche’s first-ever all-electric powertrain could out-Tesla the Tesla.

If you’re up for a slightly more depressing read, check out this article detailing the death of a few EV hopefuls. You’ll remember some names from the recent past, but a few others have been gone for over a century:

Six Electric Car Companies That Aimed Big — And Failed

If you’re looking for proof that electric vehicles have officially arrived, look no further than the famous Pike’s Peak Hill Climb. This year’s edition was won, for the first time, by a car powered by batteries. Top Gear says,

This year’s fastest run was clocked by Rhys Millen in his eO PP03, the drifter’s 1368bhp, all-electric prototype clocking a time of 9m07s at an average speed of 79mph.

Electric vehicles aren’t just for speed, though. Even the famous double-decker buses in London are going electric in an effort to reduce pollution in the city.

Here’s the story:

World’s First All-Electric Double-Decker Bus for London

Electric cars are controversial because the energy that fuels them often comes from coal power. That aside, these vehicles are proving themselves as legit contenders in everything from race cars to family sedans.

Electric cars aren’t big sellers yet, but they’re already changing the world. Would you buy one?


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  1. Awesome article. I had no idea that electric vehicles had progressed so much that porsche was thinking about joining the race. I know the 918 was kind of electric but to make a sedan that is full electric is amazing.

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