Ridiculously Cool Vehicles for Under $5,000

1957 fire truck

What car would you buy for under $5,000?

That might seem like a ridiculously low budget for getting a cool car, but start shopping around and you might be surprised at how much car you can get for five grand.

You’ll find all the usual economical commuter cars, some old-but-sleek sports cars, plenty of hard-working pickup trucks, a few worthy classics, and so much more. Look a little deeper, though, and you’ll find vehicles outside the norm.

Like a fire truck.

There’s a fun article over at Hemmings that gives some non-traditional examples of sub-$5,000 cars. The most fun is a 1957 American LaFrance 800 fire engine with just over 11,000 miles on the clock for just $4,500.

Who wouldn’t want to grab their friends for a night out on the town with that truck? No one else will pull up to the club in a fire truck, at least not for the purpose of having fun.

Other examples include forgotten cars that could be on their way to becoming classics.

So let’s play a little game and pretend that you have five grand in your wallet that you’d like to spend on a car. What kind do you buy?

If you’re the traditional type of person, you’ll easily be able to find an old Corolla or the like, but what fun is that? Savvy shoppers who want something that stands out and offers a little more “wow factor” should dig a little deeper.

Maybe a 10-year-old Mazda RX-8, for example, could offer some extra personality.

Trucks for five grand run the gamut from 4-cylinder rear-wheel-drive standard cabs to 4-wheel-drive V8 quad-cabs, depending on how old you’d like to go.

For a truck that’s a little different, Hemmings found a 1970 Cadillac Superior Royale Flower Car that would look great in any Home Depot parking lot. The article said,

The buyer of this Cadillac will need to address the body rot before it gets worse, but for $4,750, and a few weekends of work, it could make a very unusual weekend hauler.

I love reading about unusual finds like these, but I guess I’m a more traditional guy and would buy something more mainstream.

What car would you buy for under $5,000?


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