Once You Go Electric…


We’ve all heard the horror stories of electric-car owners getting stranded after venturing too far from home.

Sometimes they simply misjudge how much power they have, and sometimes the gauge on the car provides inaccurate information.

Whatever the reason, many new owners of electric cars have found themselves on the side of the road with a car that’s as useful to drive as a cantaloupe.

The car club AAA even got into mobile charging to help stranded motorists and provide some peace of mind for EV owners.

Our post on that topic said,

AAA’s new mobile charging trucks will be able to provide 15 minutes of charge, which should give EVs 3 to 15 miles of range, which, in all honesty, will probably just leave motorists stranded 3 to 15 miles farther down the road.

Now that electric cars have been on the market for a few years, has anything changed?

According to 9 out of 10 drivers, the answer is “Yes.”

Ford conducted a survey of 10,000 EV and plug-in hybrid owners and found that 92 percent of EV drivers and 94 percent of plug-in hybrid owners wouldn’t go back to cars with internal combustion engines.

There’s one caveat, of course: A full 90 percent of these people said they also have gas-powered backup cars for trips longer than the EV could handle.

This is an interesting survey, because if the results are accurate, it’s a large enough sample to truly believe that the majority of people would stay with an EV once they tried one. As EVs gain better range, as the new Tesla Model 3 promises, and charging stations are built and spaced within the average range of the average EV, there will be little reason not to buy an electric car.

To make things even better, EV owners are installing solar panels on their homes that provide charging separate from the grid. This can be more cost effective in the long run and means the cars run on clean electricity provided by the sun, not dirty coal.

I must admit I’m surprised that the satisfaction level is so high with EVs. Maybe we are on the cusp of a monumental shift in attitude toward cars…or maybe this is just a case of people being happy with new technology because the novelty has yet to wear off.

Have you owned or driven an electric car? If so, do you prefer gas power?


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